About Us

Building positive futures in the face of disruption

In a time of increased disruption, C4 Impact recognises there is little room for ‘business as usual’! Businesses, and the ecosystems in which they operate, need to respond to industry shocks.
Our highly skilled and values-driven team is committed to facilitating positive and sustainable futures by helping the businesses and groups we work with transform and build transformational capability.
We are discerning about what we do. Not every project or idea is for us, but those that align with the way we work - inclusively, openly, and, yes, somewhat disruptively - will find themselves, their teams, and their businesses or organisations better equipped to navigate complexity and set agile strategies that support business resilience and deliver positive impacts.

C4 Impact is delivered through:

Collaboration  |  Co-Innovation  |  Communication  |  Connection


At C4Impact we focus on collaborative processes that bring individuals/groups together and importantly keep them together. This includes identifying shared goals, but very importantly also identifying different needs, expectations and sometimes competitive tensions that might be associated with achieving the goal. We acknowledge that there will always be vested interests or else no one would be at the table, and these need to be transparent and navigated in a mutually respectful way to support win-win outcomes.

The roles, responsibilities and the contributions of the various collaborating parties need to be mapped out and agreed. Sometimes new capabilities will need to be developed, and this can also include attention to collaborative and distributed leadership.

Effective collaboration is built around shared commitments to openness and transparency, embracing diversity and inclusion, and is sustained through respectful relationships and trust.

C4Impact works with collaborators to develop, navigate and monitor their collaborative intent. Managing complex projects is one of our core capabilities.


In today’s complex and disrupted world, innovation is required at all levels – products and services, ways of working, governance, business models, processes, technologies, and so on.

At C4Impact co-innovation is all about innovating together to solve problems in unique ways to create shared value. We facilitate open participatory processes that embrace the principles of diversity and inclusion. Co-innovation supports the development of shared understandings and knowledge which in turn builds buy-in and alignment, and eliminates potential project roadblocks along the way. Calculated risk-taking and ‘failing fast’ can be an important part of the process.


In an increasingly networked world, often the solutions, ideas and partners are already out there. There is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’.

C4Impact has an extensive network regionally, nationally and globally across industry, researchers, government and communities of interest, and can facilitate many new and often unexpected connections.

C4Impact is also always alert to complementary opportunities to ‘join the dots’. We recognise that often innovative and valuable work is occurring in a siloed, fragmented and/or and disconnected way. We recognise that impact can be accelerated and multiplied when complementary activities of solo groups are aligned with those of others. Connections and activation of the entire ecosystem are essential.


Communication and genuine engagement processes are key.  

C4Impact can map stakeholders associated with an initiative, and develop communication and engagements plans across the spectrum of INFORM, CONSULT, INVOLVE, COLLABORATE, and EMPOWER.

In a COVID-19 environment, digital communications are increasingly important. C4Impact draws on a range of applications and platforms to ensure effective communication and engagement.

C4Impact strategic communication highlights the importance of authentic and inspiring stories, which can become the catalyst for new narratives to support and promote positive change.